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Furymo - Раста Вание / Un Rasta Sans Toi

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Sep. 10th, 2005 | 02:24 pm


СКАЧАТЬ КЛИП http://www.furymo.ru/video/fury-motions-clip-rasta-vanie.avi 

С начала лета 2005 года вокруг группы царила магическая аура. Мы уже находились в клипе… Мучительно, но с пользой протекали «минуты rasta» при съемке первого видео. Очень переживали, так как в момент съемки не все были из тех, кто должен был попасть в объектив. Началась пора отпусков и каникул. Но может это, и повлияло на ход клипа. Спокойная атмосфера, в городе тишина... У нас нет никаких технических и финансовых возможностей, но уже так сильно хочется начинать.  Мы встаем в 6 утра, когда нет людей еще в городе, или их очень мало в это время, да и в этот период лета, берем камеру и фотоаппарат и идем снимать. Как раз город еще только просыпается. Smolensk City, его пейзажи из 9-этажек и старой архитектуры начинает "завтракать".

«Rasta Vanie» яляется первой видео-работой группы Furymo, которая задает весь дальнейший ход нашей музыке. Вот что написала о видео, исполнительница главной роли проекта наш друг девушка по имени Анна-Лииза.


Anna-Liisa K. Aisindi: «My name is Anna-Liisa K. Aisindi. I am from Rundu, Namibia, but at the moment living in Russia. I just took part in the Fury Motions project, making the music video for the song «Rasta Vanie». And I just want to say WORD UP; the video is OFF THA HOOK!!! To Fury Motions, (Sava, Ser.G and Abdal-A) you guys are TERRIFIC!!! I am so Psyched, Thrilled, Happy, Excited, and very Grateful that I became part of the project in making the music video for “Rasta Vanie». They are very good, pleasant and very hardworking individuals and they are my Friends, yeah! Before I say anything I also want to CONGRATULATE them on their New Released Album, «Golden Music» and hope there will be many more to come. Just want to say Guys, YOU MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

In the making of the music video, I worked with Sava and Ser.G. Since they are the directors of the video, and my friends, they convinced me to be part of the project though I did not know exactly what I was going to do, or what my part was going to be. They assured me that ALL will be fine and I have nothing to worry about. As we started I already saw that these were two talented artistic individuals who knew what they were doing. Because of their «highly» enthusiastic keen nature, I didn’t have to act or be anything; I just had to be myself. We went around town, and they were filming snippets here and there to fit the verses in the song. I was just a part of the project so I wasn’t there when they filmed the other parts of the video. But on those hours that I spent with them, I saw two talented, oh did I say that already, yeah I saw two MOTIVATED individuals who are very ambitious and have a lot of LOVE for what they do, not simply because they need to do it. They enjoy writing music, and hence this being their FIRST music video, they were very careful of how to film what, what angle to take and all that good stuff. I pretty much don’t understand anything in filming, but I could see that they were experts. In four (4) hours we went around town, drinking cold mineral salty water and filming; and I enjoyed every minute and second that went by. I was told not to look at the camera, so in the end, I even forgot that we were filming. The results as you can see, the MUSIC VIDEO came out and it is OUTSTANDING!!! I don’t even know how to really describe it, because when I watch the clip, I see SPLENDID work done by these gifted individuals. Let us not even start talking about the QUALITY of the video, its simply SUPERB. There are many snippets of the music video that are just too IMPRESSIVE. Showing just how talented the person (Sava) is who EDITED the video after how many hours of filming, for it to become the music video for «Rasta Vanie». The thing is, one needs to understand what the song is about then you will see what I am talking about here. The song in Russian is called «RASSTAVANIE» in English meaning «SEPARATION». Now the thing is, if you take that word and divide it, it becomes «RASTA + VANIE». They didn’t plan this, but the song also has got this whole Reggae rhythm to it, you know. You feel me, RASTA!!! The lyrics written by D.man, Romel, with Fury Motions, just stroke me close to heart because I saw myself and my life in the words of D.man; besides the fact that to me the word RASTA also has a meaning on its own. SHORTLY, in the song D.man is talking about:

...his girlfriend that he gave 2 weeks maximum to think whether she wants to be with him anymore. He talks about how stupid he was to think he won’t see her again, and asks for forgiveness because he still loves her. But he is bothered by the way she is not replying him and at that moment thinks that he had hope because of his childish stupidity and naive ness. But he realizes that without her everyday is like hell for him, but there was nothing he could do, so he just decided to put an end to everything. But inside him he still waits for a phone call from her. So in the night he just sits and doesn’t even notice how much time goes by, only when there is light outside and it’s not night anymore. He only has dreams now and his broken heart, but remembers her sweet voice, and realizes just how important she was to him. In the chorus they talk about: how long minutes drag when people break up, and how heartbreaking it is because one of them gets a prize without even doubting. In the end all dreams and hopes gets forgotten...

The lyrics are just IMPRESSIVE. I would have LOVED to work with him, I mean D.man himself in this clip. The time the clip was made he was in a different town so that’s why there are only old photos of him, being shown in the clip. I would want to meet him and tell him how I got touched and moved by his words, because I went through a very long break up once.

But truly, mos def, I really feel him (D.man) in this song so much. I hope I will get a chance to work with him and Fury Motions again. I really feel that he (D.man) wrote the song knowing that one day, there will be a girl who will feel like the song was written for her. I think he is a very gifted, capable, and ENDOWED artist. So D.man, I just want to say; «Wah a gwan? Roots gal here feel you man, Rasta, bombo cleat, mi nah go nowhere» FOR REAL!!!!!

Overall it was really inspiring working with Sava and Ser.G on the music video. For a first clip it is just FABULOUS and they did a very EXCELLENT job in ‘Making the Music Video». I used to watch the program «making the music video» on MTV, USA back in the days, and I saw that these two Amateurs are on the right way of making GRAND music videos in the future. Like they say one has to start from somewhere, and they just did, and I know they will become MASTERS at what they do, they are ALREADY Masters.
To Sava, remember you will always be Mi Rasta man Soldier; and Ser.G, you are the greatest friend anyone can ask for. Again THANX for convincing me to be part of the project, because it is a Grand Project, and I will be more than happy to help or be part of any future projects. Thank you, Much Luv and RESPECT!!!»

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